“Consumed by original ideas for jewelry unlike what he saw in the market, Haggai began sketching out his designs. Since he was unable to afford a formal shop, he worked at home, designing and producing the pieces himself. His love for brilliant color become his signature. Enthusiastic response from industry friends and retailers told him it was time to launch his own business, and in 1980, he established Goldarama.

 Innovative, creative and constantly mobile, Haggai is a hands-on designer who envisions the concept, makes the sketch, produces the model, sets the stones, fires the enamel and hand-finishes the final piece. Today, however, due to the volume of his business, he maintains a full staff of bench jewelers to produce his collections. He states with pride that every piece is 100% made in-house in his New York workshop.

 ‘I start with a stone and design the piece around it,’ he says. ‘I buy the best quality gemstones I can find and make several designs for each stone. I work for hours on the designs.’

Today, his collection includes a dazzling assortment of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, all available in a rainbow of colorations. Because every piece is made in-house, there is an infinite variety of colors and gemstones to choose from.”

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